Big Data: The Key to Successful Digital Marketing

Big data has become a game changer for marketing in the digital age according to a recent article from Beau.vn. Brands that effectively collect and utilize big consumer data hold an advantage in today’s highly competitive markets. Big data provides valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, habits, demographics, and more. Analyzing large datasets can help […]


The Necessity of Online Marketing

In today’s digital age, online marketing is essential for business success. A recent article from Beau.vn outlined why online marketing has become indispensable for brands and companies. Firstly, online marketing provides access to a massive audience. There are over 4 billion active internet users worldwide. Marketing online allows brands to transcend geographical limitations and promote […]


Video Content Marketing Trends

Video content has become an increasingly important part of marketing strategies in recent years. A recent article on the website Beau.vn highlighted some of the key video content marketing trends to pay attention to. One major trend is the rise of live video. Platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live allow brands to stream real-time […]


Google Algorithm Update Significantly Impacts Websites

Google recently rolled out a major algorithm update that has had a significant impact on website rankings and traffic. This update, dubbed the “September 2022 core update”, was first announced by Google on September 12th and fully implemented over the following weeks. According to experts, this update specifically targets website quality and aims to better […]