Google recently rolled out a major algorithm update that has had a significant impact on website rankings and traffic. This update, dubbed the “September 2022 core update”, was first announced by Google on September 12th and fully implemented over the following weeks.

According to experts, this update specifically targets website quality and aims to better reward sites with original, high-quality content. As a result, many websites across the web have noticed major fluctuations in their Google search rankings and organic traffic.

Some key highlights regarding the September 2022 core update:

  • Focus on website quality: The update aims to promote sites with original, useful content while demoting low-quality sites with thin, copied, or spammy content. Unique, expert-created content is being rewarded.
  • Broad impact: The rollout has impacted websites across many languages, topics, and industries. Particularly impacted seem to be news/magazine sites, forums/Q&A sites, and sites relying heavily on aggregating external content.
  • Ongoing volatility: Rankings and traffic continue to shift as the update fully rolls out. Site owners should expect ongoing fluctuations for several weeks.
  • Preparation is key: To maintain/regain rankings, sites should focus on improving content quality, user experience, page speed, mobile-friendliness, and overall value proposition. High-quality, optimized content remains imperative.

Site owners who have been negatively impacted should thoroughly audit their pages using Google Search Console and analytics tools. Identifying issues with low-quality pages, technical problems, or thin content allows sites to pinpoint areas for improvement. While shifts from core updates can be highly disruptive, they present opportunities for sites willing to invest in their content and overall value.